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Monday, May 04, 2009

Post-It Nouns

First, sorry for not posting for a while! My computer had issues...I took it into staples and had it leave it there for a while for a free tune-up and then they told me it needed more memory (ram) so that my photoshop would run properly so I could make my cards! Thanks to I was able to get a lot of memory to add to my computer at 1/3 of the cost. It's a great site!

Anyways, my son's favorite thing to do is to take those minitature post-it note pads and a pen and walk around the house to find all the nouns. Then he writes the noun on the post-it and sticks it to that object. He comes and gets me when he's done and then I go and find them all. It makes him feel like a detective, finding the nouns and then I feel like I'm on a savanger hunt trying to find all the post-it notes. This also helps with spelling as he trying to write words sometimes that he's never tried to write so make sure you take the time and teach him any words they misspelled and have them rewrite it below. I haven't been doing this, but I just though of it and will do it next time....keep all the post-it notes and attach them all to a blank sheet of paper and add it to their langauge art folder.


Tess said...

If you made a mini whiteboard with card and clear packing tape, you could have your son label a noun and then take a picture of the noun label and the object. Just a quick idea inspired by your idea incase you ever have need to shake up the game a little. I really enjoy your blog :)

Jewels said...

That's a good idea! My son loves taking pictures too so he'll love to do that. He always wants to take pictures of his school work.

Vanessa said...

I am just beginning to homeschool my children and I LOVE your site! Thank you so much for posting all these ideas...they are so helpful to someone like me who has the will but not the creativity! This site is inspirational!