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Monday, May 04, 2009

"I Spy..." Adjectives and Guess What? Game

I Spy...

To teach children ajectives, play I Spy. You can't play I spy without using a ton of adjectives. So explain to the kids what an adjective is and then explain how to play I spy. I spy something green, hard, bumpy, sharp, old, big, expensive, etc. Have them say that sentence two or three times per round until someone guesses it.

Guess What?

This is a guessing game. You will need to prepare some cards before hand. Just cut out some pictures from a magazine, old book or draw one and put them on 3x5 cards. Then have your child describe the picture without saying what it is and see if you or the other kids can guess what the picture is. Some ideas for pictures would be animals, people they know, a school, bus, boat, landscapes and other things your child is familiar with.

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