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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Botany Cards: The Shapes of Taproots #19-23

More cards, finally! Adobe Photoshop is working much quicker now that I've updated my computer. I'll hopefully be getting more cards out much more quickly. Please let me know if there are any mistakes. I haven't printed out any of my botany cards yet, as I'm not beginning to teach it until september so if I have mistakes I probably won't notice until August. I work hard when I make them so I shouldn't have mistakes, but I am human! #19 does not have a picture card (just a label) and it is not on the wall chart because #19 is "the shapes of taproots" in general and it'd confuse the kids. Also please remember that the definition is blank cards and the booklets has the picture card and a blank card for the definitions. I have no way to prove you have bought the Montessori Research and Development Botany Manual 1 and if I post the definitions it will be copyright infringement on their manual. You can add a text box inside each blank card and type up the definition inside before printing, this is why I have them Microsoft Word format instead of a pdf. Please leave a comment, I love reading them! Here are today's set of cards:

#19-23 pictures and labels

#19-23 Wall Chart

Botany Definitions

#19-23 Booklet

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