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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Botany Cards: The Root System #9-12 and The Types of Roots #13-18

Here are more botany cards. This will probably be it for about 9 days, as I'll be gone for about 5 days pretty soon here on a trip!

#9-12 Book Cards

#9-12 Wall Chart

#9-12 Pictures and Labels

#13-18 Book Cards

#13-18 Wall Chart

#13-18 Pictures and Labels

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey everyone! I can't believe how many followers I have of this blog and many other visiters as well. When I decided to homeschool the montessori way I knew there had to be many other parents/teacher wanting to use this method of learning as well. I hope you have all been enjoying my cards. I love when you comment and I'm sorry I can't always reply to every comment.

Anyways, I am going to need to buy some storage space very soon so I can keep uploading my files for you all to enjoy! I just added a donation link on the left hand side of this blog and I'd appreciate any donations for anyone using my files. It doesn't need to be much, whatever you can do $1, $2, $5...anything is appreciated. It's through paypal and the amount is empty so you decide and credit cards are accepted, I have a buisness account. I'll be using these donations for file space and possibly making the files in more of a store style format so the files are all together and easier to download, of course for FREE still! That won't be changing. Just trying to make it all easier to find and download.

I have found pictures on the internet to make cards for the first half of the botany book so I'll be spending my saturdays making botany cards and you should have more very soon! This saturday I'll be out of town, but after that I hope to have regular biweekly updates at least. Thanks!


Botany Cards

I know you guys missed me! Sorry I was MIA for so long. My kids and I kept getting sick and then my house would be such a mess it'd take a while to get it back into shape! I've got some botany cards made for you though! These cards go with the Montessori Research and Development Elementary Manual 1 book. It's a fantastic book and a great deal for $30, buy it if you don't already have it! Anyways, these are the botany cards #1-8 3-part cards (picture, label, definition) and then the book for self-correcting. Now, these cards are slightly different than my personal copy. I can't give you guys the definitions..I don't want infringe on any copyrights. So buy the book and add the definition! These files are in word so just add a text book and delete the lines of the text box and add your definitions. I'm giving you blank definition cards and a blank pages where the definition go in the book. But you have all the pictures, labels and wall charts done for you and that's the hard part! I hope you enjoy!

Botany Wall chart #1-8

Botany Pictures and Labels #1-8

Botany Book #1-8

Botany Definitions