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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to School!!

Well hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great back to school! I have been MIA. I flew to Utah to visit my parents for 3 weeks and during that 3 weeks we also went to two different parts of Idaho and California to visit my other sisters besides also visiting another one of my sisters in Utah as well. It was really crazy, but a ton of fun! I got back a week ago, but then got sick! Just my luck, eh? (had to throw the eh in there for my Canadian mom!)

Anyways, just wanted to let you know I'm back and will be spending my saturday's getting more language arts labels made and put up on here so look forward to that! Also, for geography I will be doing a quicker study of the 7 continents (we learned about them last year, non-montessori style and not as in-depth as I wanted too) and then we'll move onto some states in the US. As I was thinking about making my continent boxes a few days ago, I thought of the idea of pizza boxes! I had no clue what to store my continent/country/state boxes in as we make them. A friend of mine in Wisconsin uses pizza boxes to hold her quilt pieces as she's making her quilts (she has several she makes at a time so this is how she organizes). Anyways, I thought it would be perfect. It's skinny so it won't take up much space. Just stack a bunch up on one shelf, however, it's large enough to hold larger pictures and thick enough to hold small 3-d objects, flags, money, etc. My friend got her pizza boxes at a pizza restuarant. She would just ask them if she could buy a box from them and they charged her $1 for a new/unused pizza box. If you have a membership Sam's club sells them in bulk for really cheap as well.