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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Large Number Cards

I thought this would be something I would just buy, orginally. I mean it's just $10. Then I found out that to do the activities with them you need 2 sets of large number cards and 3 sets of small number cards and then decimal cards! That's $50 +shipping without the decimal cards. Didn't take me long to change my mind, LOL. Here are my large number cards and instructions on how to make them!

If you don't want to cut them from wood, make them from foam, cardboard or cardstock :)
(9) 2" x 2.5"
(9) 4" x 2.5"
(9) 6" x 2.5"
(9) 8" x 2.5"
Then you need 3 sharpies in red, blue and green. Write the numbers 1-9 in green on the pieces that are 2". Use a blue sharpie and write the numbers 10-90 (10, 20, 30, etc.) on the 4" pieces. Use the red sharpie and write the numbers 100-900 on the 6" pieces. Then use the green again and write the numbers 1000-9000 on the 8" pieces.

**Remember to space your numbers nicely on the spaces. You should have 1 number for every 2 inches of the board. That way when you stack them ontop of each other you are fully covering the 0's underneath.

Hope this helps you! I'll be finishing up my small number cards soon too!

Fruit and Vegetable 3 part cards

Here are the fruit and vegetables cards I made a while back. I finally printed and laminated them! These are available to download for free on my website.

Ten Board

You make this the same way as the Teen board, same dimensions and everything. The only difference is you'll have the numbers 10-90 written, instead of all the numbers being 10. The little pieces will still have the numbers 1-9 on them.

Teen Board

I finished these boards up yesterday. I didn't finish the numbers to put ontop of them yet. They are waiting to be sanded. I've been sick these last 2 weeks with a head cold that just makes me so sleepy! Anyways, here's how to make the teen boards.

Cut a piece of wood 16"x5"
another one that's 13"x5"
Then 9 pieces that are 3"high x2" wide

the 16" board will be separated into 5 sections and each section will have the number 10 written on it. The 13" board will be separated into 4 sections. The 3"x2" pieces will have the numbers 1-9 written on them. I just used a chisel tip (fat) sharpie marker in black to make the lines on them. You could also wood burn them in (which would be really cool) or paint them on or vinyl numbers, etc. Have fun! They're really easy to make and again, much more fun then cardstock. If you can't cut with wood, make them from foam sheets, or foam board, felt, etc. Use your imagination. I just think a more 3d object makes learning more fun than paper :)

Color Sorting/Color Wheel

I got this deviled eggs tray from party city this morning for $2. I painted the bottom of each egg a different color. Then I got my container of odd buttons that I have in my craft room and found 5 buttons of each color (well, I need 1 more dark green and 2 more orange that'll I'll buy next time I'm at the craft store). I tried to put the colors in order so it'd look like the color wheel so you could use it for those activities later on, but I was doing it off the top of my head quick and I know the brown isn't in the right place. But thought I'd mention it so someone else could do it in the right order, LOL. My 3 year old can't wait for the paint to dry so she can get sorting!