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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Map Storage--Really Cheap! Holds 8 maps

I bought 4 of the 8 maps to start out our homeschool with and just didn't want to spend the $90 on a map holder. So I had the idea to use the metal cube organizers from target, like these ones:

In store they were only $12 and there was 6 cubes in the box (they have many different kinds and I got the cheapest). Instead of using the wierd connectors they came with, I used cable ties that are by the auto department in walmart. You get a bag of 50 ties for $1.23 I used about 4 bags, but that many isn't necessary. I made it 2 cubes wide and one cube tall. I found out the hard way that it's easiest to do the bottom, then one side then the back and then the other side. Then put all the shelves together (connect 2 cubes together) and then connect them to the rest and then put the top on last. The more cable ties you put on the more weight and the sturdier the shelves are. It works great and it looks good. Every horizontal line on the cube I made into a shelf. I had enough cubes so that there is a spot for 8 maps and I am just one cube short to make another shelf (there's room for just one more shelf) to hold cards or anything you want. Total cost for my map holder was just under $20. I bought another box of cubes and did the same thing that was just once cube by one cube to use for my 2 year old's wooden knob puzzles too. Finally they're more organized!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grammar Symbol Chart

Read this document on Scribd: grammar symbols chart

Language Arts Labels

It's been a while! Sorry! My kids and I have been sick all winter! I'm just getting back in the groove of things now and I have made several labels for language arts. I am using the Montessori Research and Development Manuals. I am making the labels for the Elementary level 1 language arts & grammar. These manuals are awesome and I highly recommend them. They are very affordable and great quality. So these labels go with those lessons, but can be used in your own lessons as well.

Read this document on Scribd: Abstract and Concrete Nouns

Read this document on Scribd: noun

Read this document on Scribd: Farm Labels

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