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Monday, February 23, 2009

Botany Cards

I know you guys missed me! Sorry I was MIA for so long. My kids and I kept getting sick and then my house would be such a mess it'd take a while to get it back into shape! I've got some botany cards made for you though! These cards go with the Montessori Research and Development Elementary Manual 1 book. It's a fantastic book and a great deal for $30, buy it if you don't already have it! Anyways, these are the botany cards #1-8 3-part cards (picture, label, definition) and then the book for self-correcting. Now, these cards are slightly different than my personal copy. I can't give you guys the definitions..I don't want infringe on any copyrights. So buy the book and add the definition! These files are in word so just add a text book and delete the lines of the text box and add your definitions. I'm giving you blank definition cards and a blank pages where the definition go in the book. But you have all the pictures, labels and wall charts done for you and that's the hard part! I hope you enjoy!

Botany Wall chart #1-8

Botany Pictures and Labels #1-8

Botany Book #1-8

Botany Definitions


Erin said...

Hey. :) I found your blog after googling "homemade montessori", while in search of online materials. We also live in Ohio and have two sons, ages 3 and 6. Our oldest is in kindergarten now, but we have just made the decision to homeschool after this year. I have also just started working on some basic Montessori based activities with our youngest. I am really excited about beginning this new journey and would love any helpful suggestions or ideas along the way. :)

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estrella said...

hi. can you suggest or give an idea about definition booklets. english is not my native language and i would like to give definition to my class which i think Montessori has. my knowledge is basic but want to learn more. thank you