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Monday, May 04, 2009

The "Go" Verb Game

This is a fun way to teach verbs to young kids. My kids got a kick out of it. Explain to them that verbs are action words, meaning they are a word that you can go and do. Then tell them to "Go..." and put in a verb and watch them do that or pretend to do that if they don't have all the things to do that particular verb (like writing...just have them pretend to write). Then start mixing in words that aren't verbs like say "Go beautiful" or "Go chair" and see if they can recognize that that's not a verb because I can't go chair. It doesn't make sense! My kids have fun acting it out and they think the non-verb words are funny in the game. I tell my kids to make a game show wrong answer sound....that odd sound the game shows always play when the contestant gets the answer wrong...I tell them to make that sound when the word isn't a verb.

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