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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pink Langauage Series: Alphabe Match-up & Mix-up

I got quite a bit of work done yesterday and a little today on the pink language series. I'm so excited, but at the same time, so sad I'm out of color ink! I need to hurry and get some and some more laminating sheets so my 4 year old can get started on these!

First, I have this alphabet match up. This is for teaching the lowercase letters. My 4 year old knows the uppercase letters, but doesn't know very many lowercase letters. These are strips of 4 letters. The first set is in order so the first strip has "A B C D", then there are the same strips but in lowercase letters. So you can sing the song with your child and lay out the uppercase strips in order and then have her put the lowercase strips underneath to match the correct letters. I did this in strips because that way if the child recognized 1 or 2 of the lowercase letters on that strip they should be able to easily match it to the correct uppercase strip. Doing this exercise will also help them see the ones they aren't familiar with as they match them up.

The second set of strips, the alphabet is all mixed up. I made sure to put b and d on the same strip and q and p on the same strip so that they can learn the differences between the two. Once your child has worked with both of these sets, then I'd move onto matching individual letter cards. I will be making the individual cards soon!

Alphabet Match 1

Alphabet Match 2

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