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Monday, October 13, 2008

Montessori Research and Development Curriculumn

I was asked about my Montessori RD Curriculumn I am using, so I thought I'd do a quick post to answer some of those questions. All the manuals I bought from them have been elementary age since my son is doing 1st & 2nd grade work. Some lessons in the Math book start at 4 years of age so it does have lessons for the ten and teen board, etc. Here are the manuals I have:

--Language Arts 1: Grammar
--Geography Manual 1
--History Manual 1
--Mathematics Manual 1
--Zoology Manual 1
--Geometry Manual 1
--Botany Manual 1
--Chemistry Manual 1
--Fractions Manual 1
--Fractions Manual 2

So basically, I bought most of the 1st manuals for all the subjects in the elementary group. LOL. Right now, I am just working with my son in the Language Arts Manual, Geography, History, and Math. In January, I will start adding Zoology and Botany. The Geometry work, the kids need to be a little older than 6....maybe 8 I would start. Chemistry, there are a few lessons for the younger kids, but again I would wait until about 8 for most lessons. So eventually I'll add in some easier geometry and chemistry lessons. I don't know when I'll start fractions. I just saw those two manuals on ebay for a good price so I bought them!

I love these manuals. At the website they have the table of contents in pdf that you can view before you buy it so you'll know what's included. The lessons are really neat and clear more than one presentations for some of the lessons listed, sometimes she lists a book or two to get to compliment the lesson. Then the manual as sheets to photocopy to use for the lesson or they list what you need. For example, they have listed the Farm Cards and she individually listed every animal card that is in the Nienhuis Montessori cards. This is how I was able to make my own cards for everyone else! Instead of just saying you need farm cards, at the end of the lesson is a list so you can make your own cards to use with the lesson. Which, obviously I love. I would not be able teach my son using the montessori methods otherwise, there's just too much costs involved for us right now (with my husband doing a residency in a hospital). So, I love these manuals, I think they are really great.

I also wanted to say, before buying these I emailed the owner back and forth and she was really nice. I just had a few questions and she was really nice. You also have a choice if you want a bound or loose leaf manual. I choose loose leaf so I can put them in protective sheets (what can I say, sometimes I can be messy). The owner included the chemistry manual in their for free. She said it didn't bind right so she thought I could use it. How sweet was that? With my second order she added another for free as well. Same thing, it had binding issues and she couldn't sell it like that and since I wanted loose leaf she just added it free with my order. I used my cool knife and cut the pages out of the binding and put them in protective sheets and you can't even tell they were ever bound.

Lastly, the cost is why I bought these too. They aren't expensive at all and it's really every thing you need. Hope this helps everyone!



Jennie said...

So helpful!

Thank you very much! :)

Gigi said...

I am currently going through the Elementary I training and these are the manuals we are using. They are great!

Juventa said...

Are there pictures in the manuals and are they user friendly?

Donna B said...

I am also using the Language manuals from R & D. (Just bought the 3rd and 4th today as well as the first Zoology manual - Biology 1, mostly classification.) Love your site! Thanks for the free downloads - they are always helpful. I have been posting some materials at my blog you might find helpful.

sourpatchbaby said...

Did you use the early childhood manuals or did you jump straight into the elementary ones?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find her pdf files of the table of contents for the manuals. Is it still there?

Kidzone Teacher Mama said...

Thank you for your post on elementary Montessori curriculum. I am homeschooling my daughter who is in 2nd grade and had ADHD. I am not currently using a Montessori elementary curriculum however I am Montessori certified and own a Montessori school so I am considering using a Montessori curriculum for her and setting up her own shelves to use at my school and at home. I love your blog! It is very informative!! I am your newest follower! :)

Cherine M said...

I couldn't agree more I LOVE these manuals!!! Great post :)

Ayman The Daddy said...

Thank you for your review, very helpful. Does it incorporate the sequence, where to go next after your child masters the lesson?

Ayman The Daddy said...

Thank you for your review, very helpful. Does it incorporate the sequence, where to go next after your child masters the lesson?