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Friday, October 24, 2008

Living & Non-living Cards and 5 Kingdom Cards

More cards! I've been busy today. I have two different documents. The first document has the living and non-living labels and about 10 non-living picture cards. The second document has about 17 different living picture cards that have the living organisms name on it. It also has the 5 kingdoms (plants, protists, prokaryotes, fungi, animals) labels, their definitions and the 5 kingdoms label. So that document works as the kingdom cards and the living cards, so you may want to print out two sets of picture cards. The prokaryotes kingdom is made up of two groups the archaebacteria and eubacteria. Some books have 6 kingdoms and some have 5. The children's encylopedia that we have has them in 5 kingdoms with the eubacteria as a subgroup so I divided into 5 kingdoms. Just wanted you to know, as I don't know your preference!

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Grandma said...

Just writing science lessons for my homeschooled grandchildren and came across your living and nonliving cards post and wanted to thank you! I knew someone surely had done this before! Thanks again!