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Monday, February 18, 2008


My husband got a HUGE migraine Saturday night and was just in so much pain. I ran to the gas station to get Excedrin Migraine for him and then after that wasn't enough, I got to go to the grocery store to pick up his prescriptions! What a fun night for me!

Well it ended up being a better deal than I thought! My local Kroger had these wonderful home decor baskets clearanced out so cheap! I got these because they look more like deep trays then a basket, so I thought they would be perfect for holding the number cards or other things. I got 4 of each style. The kahki baskets were $1.82 each! So that awesome or what?? The other baskets, look nicer, but are smaller. They were $4 each. I am very happy with my find! Now I just need to find some plastic trays for the water practical life activities and the land/water forms. I know target usually carries them over the summer, so I am waiting for that!

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Unknown said...

What a great find on your baskets. These are wonderful! You did good on these. Good job! Im keeping my eyes open for good deals to build mine up.