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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bead Stair

Besides my wood cutting/sanding, I've been working on the bead stair and beads for everything the decimel activity, decanomial board, snake game, negative snake game, long and short chaings, etc. You need a lot of beads! I bought most of my beads from I bought 8mm arcylic multi-faceted round beads in all the different colors. For $4.95 I got 900 beads of each color. The only color they were missing was brown and I just put in a order for that somewhere else! So for $45 I got all the beads I should ever need (besides the gold ones). I got the gold 8mm round beads from Joann's in packs of 400 for $3.95. Wait for the jewelry to be on sale (it frequently goes on sale for 25-30% off) and then if you are a homeschooler or teacher you can get a Joann's teacher card that will give you an additional 15% off all regular, sale and clearance items (whenever you don't use a coupon!). I also bought the wire there. I am using 16 gauge wire. I use gold wire for the gold beads (it looks so pretty this way!) and the silver for all the other colors. I used math u see with my son last year and just sold the blocks to someone online, but kept the boxes. I'm hoping all the beads for the decanomial set will fit in here. So far I have 55 10 bars, one, two, and three bars..the rest just have about 20.

Here is the colors to make the Bead Stair:

1 red

2 green

3 pink

4 yellow

5 light blue

6 brown

7 white

8 violet

9 dark blue


Julie said...

Just discovered your blog from the yahoo group (to which I'm very new). I have a 3.5 y.o son and we're *trying* to do homeschool with some Montessori (the ideas of M. are also somewhat new to me). Looking forward to learning from you!

ladle24 said...
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ladle24 said...

Hi, I have been making my own sets of beads from faceted beads my grandma left behind when she passed on. I could not find the gold beads at JoAnns, but I did find dilver instead. The package for them said 8 mm, but I found that they made proportionally shorter bead wires than the 8mm faceted beads (i.e. the beads were more like 7 or 7.5 mm). Did you find this when you made yours???
Thanks so much!

Shannon said...

hello i am a montessori directress with 12 years experience and i'm really enjoying your blog. just wanted to alert you to a mistake i found with your colored bead bars. in traditional montessori materials (neihuis, etc) the 6 bead is light purple and the 8 bead is brown. i honestly don't know if maria herself chose the colors, but i thought you'd like to know.

alankarshilpa said...

I am so glad to find you. Your materials are beautiful and so special because they are hand made. I'd give the link of your blog in my website- It is for jewelry- artist moms who are working hard raising their young ones and working for their home business. I was a Montessori mom and a teacher for the last two decades. Nice knowing you.-Dita.

slk said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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