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Friday, November 21, 2008

Macarena Bones

This is my first ever attempt at making any type of movie. This little movie took forever to make last night and a little this morning. I finally figured out some very basic things that made it so much easier this morning (if only I knew them last night!) So please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it!

This song is by Dr. Jean from her cd "Kiss your brain" I have two of her cd's and absolutely love her songs. I plan to buy more of her songs. I really, really hate when they don't have 30 second sound bytes so you can see if you like the songs or not. So for those of you that haven't heard from her, check out this song and no her others are really fun and easy for kids to follow, as this one is. I seriously want all her cd's, lol.

I plan to make 3-part cards with the pictures I made to use in this video, if you would rather teach with those, but the song is fun, I just had to share it. The words to the song are:

Hey! Kiss My

This repeats 4 times. And it is to the macarena dance, so dance along too if you want, LOL. I plan to have my son watch the video from time to time, but mostly to teach him the song while we point out the bones on a large picture of a skeleton (that I still need to get) and then using the 3-part cards as practice by themselves and I will probably make a labelled and unlabelled skeleton worksheet you can use as a test.

Just know, that it's finally getting really cold where I live and so this weekend and next week I will be making curtains for my bedroom. We have 4 large windows in our master bedroom and we are freezing! Plus, we will be out of town for 4 days for thanksgiving. I have made some singular and plural language arts cards, but I still need to fix a couple of look forward to the 3-part cards and those cards in about a week and a half. I also have been collecting cards for the continent cards that I hope to make soon as well.


Shannon said...

I love love love this! Great job!

Julie said...


MarĂ­a said...

Great job, couldn`t be better

Darth Mama said...

I love it! Did you see at Costco they have a floor size skeleton puzzle with a book? it was only $10.00. i just bought it last week.

Jedda said...

Ooh this was great! We are just starting to learn bones so it is perfect for us! THANKS SO MUCH!! for sharing!

Anonymous said...

SO great so great!

Anonymous said...

wow. my daughter is so excited she sings this song a hundred times a day, now she has a video to go along with it.

RMG said...

DO you have the 3 part cards for the bones. I have been searching everywhere for bone cards. We are studying anatomy and physiology. Do you know where I can get for free?