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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Continent Song

My kids really like this continent song. This isn't my video. I had a cd with this song on it last year and I can't find it anymore, but found this cute little boy singing the same song on youtube.

I taught this to my daughter's preschool class today and the kids had fun with it. I taught them about the globe and I used an inflatable (beach ball type) globe at first. I talked about the shape being a sphere and then I cut the globe in half so it'd match perfectly with the world map so they can see how they went from a 3d to a 2d object and we talked about why antarctica in on both parts of the world map, etc. During the song, I pointed to each of the continents on the world puzzle map as we sang it and then handed them out each a puzzle piece and they put it in the right spot and said the continent's name. I also traced North America, South america and antarctica. I cut around the continents (we didn't have enough school time to let the kids do it) and the kids glued the continents on the right spot on a paper plate. Then with finger paints they painted the continents green and the rest of the plate blue for the ocean. It was fun. Then we played this CD:

We listened to 4 different songs on the track to here the different types of music you'd hear around the globe and I handed out some music instruments and we played and danced along to the music. I kept the cd on while we made the globes and had free play afterwards so they could hear all of the songs. You can buy the cd here. The cd is a ton of fun! I also got this book from our public library, it's called "Around the World in Eighty Poems". It has a bunch of small kid poems describing the culture or some tales of the different countries around the globe. The pictures are wonderful as well. I really want to buy this book!


tiffany... said...

my coworker, burchie green, has a great album with a different continent song on it... and you can find it here:

she's been a children's house teacher for quite a long time and her songs are excellent!

just thought i'd pass that along to you.

Susana of Montessori Candy said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing. You've got a smart girl there!